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What’s the difference between silicone and saline?

Silicone is a gel while saline is salt water. Both are safe. Depending on how much native breast tissue you have to cover the implant, it may or may not be palpable. Both implants have a small chance of rupture. If saline ruptures your body reabsorbs the saline and you will likely notice it because your implant may go flat. If silicone ruptures the silicone will likely stay put and you may not know it has ruptured. It will not migrate in your body since the silicone is cohesive.

Is silicone safe?

Yes, silicone is safe. Even in the event of a rupture it will not travel throughout your body. Especially with the new cohesive implants, the silicone does not bleed as the older implants did.

Pros/Cons of silicone vs. saline?

For silicone implants, the manufacturer recommends an MRI to monitor for rupture after the implants have been in for 3 years and every other year after that. This is not required for saline implants.

If silicone ruptures, you may not know it happened as the silicone gel is cohesive and will not leak into your body. Saline ruptures often present with a deflated breast.

Both implants can develop a capsular contracture, which is hardening of the scar tissue (capsule) around the implant. This may present as a breast more firm on one side, may appear deformed or may even become painful. This may require surgery to treat.

What is a textured implant?

The surface of an implant can be textured or smooth. A textured implant can be round or anatomically shaped. Some indications to use textured are in cases of capsular contracture to decrease the chance of it recurring.

Do I have to replace my implants after 10 years?

No, there is no set time when you must replace an implant. The warranty may change after 10 years (please see individual warranties which may vary based on the implant brand). If your implants are soft and in good position without any problems, it is not a requirement to replace them at 10 years.

What will my cup size be?
As bra sizes change based on brand, there is no way to guarantee a bra size. Estimates can be given, but it will vary based on where you buy your bra. There is no standard.
How long will recovery be?

Implants- 3 days to normal activities (with exception of upper body lifting greater than 10 lbs), 6 weeks until full activity without restrictions.

Tummy tuck about 2 weeks off work (depending on what you do), 6 weeks until activity without restrictions.

Facelift 2 weeks off of work, 6 weeks for activity without restrictions (bending, weight lifting).

Eyelid 1-2 weeks for bruising/swelling to decrease, 6 weeks for activity without restrictions.

Brazilian Butt lift at least 4 weeks of no pressure on buttocks.

Rhinoplasty 1-2 weeks for bruising to go down, swelling will go down significantly over the first month, but it can take up to a year for the swelling to go down completely and to see the final result.

When can I go back to work?

It depends on what your work activities are and what procedure you had.  For many facial and breast procedures, you can go back to work relatively soon. For many people after a tummy tuck, usually 2 weeks is sufficient. These will vary based on several factors.

When can I work out again?

The majority of people can go back to working out without restrictions after 6 weeks. Some procedures can be sooner, with the exception of certain activities.  For example, no upper body weight lifting after breast augmentation for 6 weeks, but lower body can be resumed after 3-7 days.

Will I have drains? For how long?
For most abdominoplasties (tummy tuck), drains will be placed, they will be in for about 2 weeks on average. Other procedures may or may not require drains. Dr. Busuito will discuss if drains will be expected for each patient.
When can I buy a new bra?
Patients should wait about 6-8 weeks minimum to allow swelling to go down before buying new bras. An underwire bra should not be worn for 6-8 weeks.
How long does it take for implants to settle?
It takes about 3 months for the implants to settle. Initially after surgery the implants will sit higher than the final result and will settle in the pocket over the course of about 3 months.
How long do I have to stay off my bottom after Brazilian butt lift?

The longer the better, ideally, 4 weeks minimum. There are some pressure relieving pillows that may be suitable to use if you cannot make it to 4 weeks.  You can purchase a pillow that will allow you to sit with the pressure on the back of your thighs while you bottom is hanging over without any added pressure on it.

Yes thank you Dr. Busuito.  I can so see the difference. I’m so happy with my new body. Thank you for everything. 


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